Flemming Jensen

"Thank you very much for your pleasant company during the weekend of 28-29 February 2004.

I think we had a very efficient birding trip, and I will certainly recommend you to the Tour Committee. As you can see, according to my recordings we observed 127 species all together (you got a few more - I know that), and more than half of those where new to me. Excellent!"

Sandy Sargent

"Anyway, what I really wanted to say was a huge "thank you" for such an amazing birding trip!
I have been on quite a few and have never seen anyone with such a natural gift and dedication for finding birds as you have.

The route was excellent in that it covered all the various birding habitats and was enjoyable from the scenic point of view as well. Brian, how you kept so alert driving through the long hot afternoon "graveyard shifts", while your clients heads were nodding on their chests, I don't know. Come to think of it, now I know why the hooter kept going off! Just to keep us on our toes!

The accommodation, meals and hospitality at the B&B's was excellent, and Esther's superb padkos packs in the Tanqua Karoo deserves a special mention. The Knysna Woodpecker at De Hoop and the diminutive Damara tern at the breathtakingly beautiful De Mond estuary, are memories I will always treasure. What more could ask for than 11 out of 15 birds on my "Wish List"!

Hopefully I will be coming back in April for another Pelagic and to track down the 3 elusive warblers and Cape Rockjumper"

Sergio Giani (2005)

"I have to tell you that Brian is a very good guide, a prepared birdwatcher and a very nice person.
I had a wonderful time with him.
I hope to meet you again some days.....:-))

Kind regards, Sergio Giani"