Birding and photography in the Cape Town area - 2005

The Orange-breasted, Southern Double-collared Sunbirds and Cape Sugarbirds were in their finery at Kirstenbosch as it was their breeding time. Many Erica and Protea species were in flower and made the approach to the birds much easier and spectacular as they fed profusely. With the morning light just right, photographic opportunities were excellent.

The Penguins at Boulders and Stoney Point have bred and a number are already shedding their downy feathers. Young being fed and some trying to shed their down, makes for exciting viewing and photography.

The huge flock of 500 White Pelicans congregated at Strandfontein Sewerage Works and were quite approachable making their pink sheen spectacular. Huge rafts of ducks amongst others Southern Pochard, Cape Shovelers and Maccoa made for excellent viewing from the pond walls. Small groups of Cape and Red-billed Teal were all over but the prize of the day was a group of 3 Hottentot Teal blending well into the dry reeds, a rare occurrence here on the Cape Peninsula.

Kommetjie peninsula was beautiful and windless and produced close-ups of Cape, Bank, White-breasted and Crowned Cormorants. The flypast of graceful strings of Cape Gannets made for spectacular viewing and photography. Many noisy and rare African Black Oystercatchers called from the rocks, their survival helped along by the banning of 4X4 vehicles on all South African beaches.

Up above the cliffs the Jackal Buzzard was being harassed by the pair of Ravens and which called for some aerobatic turns to evade them before their attention was changed to the passing juvenile Black Eagle which was not so manoeuvrable yet!

End of another day in the Cape paradise!