Your Birdguide Brian Vanderwalt

Your Birdguide Brian Vanderwalt
Brian Vanderwalt

Registered DEAT Tourguide WC 3354

I have been an avid birder in the Western and Northern Cape for over 45 years. Since 1999, I have guided Day trips and Overnight Tours (5 days or longer), as well as organised Birding weekends and Bird Ringing (Banding) outings.

The art of seeing the "lifer" or finding that elusive bird is knowing its' surroundings. This has brought me to widen my knowledge on:

  • Flora & Fauna
  • Butterflies
  • Insects
  • Rock Art and Bushmen Culture

I am also actively involved in:

  • Honourary President of the Tygerberg Bird Club and therefore actively involved in meetings, activities, outings and weekend camps.
  • Bird Ringing (banding) - proactive in Ringing and recording data on Migrating Waders.
  • Bi-annual Bird Counts at Langebaan Lagoon for the last 35 years
  • Big Birding Day participant with a great record! 1 of only 2 Birders in the Western Cape that has spotted over 200 birds in 24 hours for 3 years running!
  • Nature Conservation projects and Birding Education in the Western Cape.
  • Committee member for the last 10 years at the Tygerberg Advisory Council; overseeing Environmental affairs pertaining to the Tygerberg range of hills.
  • Past Chairman for the Cape Orchid Society and ardent Orchid grower, specializing in Species.