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Bird watching from Brians Birding office in the Western Cape! - 7 August 2014

Hi All,

It’s great when the morning sun has moved away from the “office” window as the birds cannot then see me at my “desk”.  I can be very scary at times!!

Watching two Acacia Pied Barbets taking chances eating raisons (which were being discarded as too old for baking) from the feeder bag that I hung outside my office window. They seem to love pecking through the mesh bag. They fly from the nest, which I can also see from my desk( I don’t put the nests where I cannot see them!!!!), to the feeder.  Talking about this Barbet nest, I watched the Lesser Honeyguide doing house calls last week without the Barbets in attendance so I am sure she laid an egg, but only time will tell, so watch this space.

The Cape Bulbuls have also found the liquid feeder in the same tree and are now trying to hassle the Barbets away from the raisons which will be more to their liking, without success so far.  But wait there is more, the Barbets have left and the Bulbuls can now feed  in peace.  Just when you thought it was safe to eat, the Cape White-eyes have arrive, but they drink before the eat.

The Barbet has returned and is now pecking on the paw-paw leftover.

Brian Vanderwalt

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