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Cape Town birding - Spotted Flycatcher - Jan 2011

Hi All,

As previously said a Spotted Flycatcher had returned to a field near my house here in Durbanville in December, whilst I was in Mozambique.   
This was great as I could now monitor it on a daily basis as I had done since Jan 2010.

Halfway into Jan this year I thought I noticed a second flycatcher fleetingly but could not be sure if it was Spotted or a young Fiscal Fly which periodically also hunted on the field.  This small field, 250m X 200m, is in suburbia and mostly grass and surrounded by Beefwood trees and a few Brazilian Peppers.  I eventually say the second bird clearly 2 days later after preventing the first seen bird from using the other half of the filed.  Two Spottys on the same field?  The one bird seems to be a young bird as the body feathers looked badly worn and browner.  They do not seem to hunt near each other but mostly about 30m apart.  I have never seen 2 Spottys in one area down here! 
Is this perhaps noted further north?

Also had 3 Paradise, 2 Fiscal and the 2 Spotted Flycatchers all hunting in close proximity of each other last week on this small field.  The challenge each day now is to see them both and also to see when they leave.

Brian Vanderwalt

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