Comments on my Cape Town bird guide Brian Vanderwalt;

  • he arrived on time, was flexible as to itinerary, charged reasonable rates, and had a great attitude.
  • I didn't feel like a tourist.
  • his car was in good repair and clean, and his driving skills and traffic judgement were exemplary.

Most importantly, he was a real guide. He knew where to find the birds He knew about their nesting and migratory patterns, habitat requirements, and which species were endangered and why.

  • He is a great spotter, noticing many birds I would have missed.

In short, a superb birding experience. I'd recommend this guy to any birder or bird lover. Best, Casey

Christopher Collins

"Also thanks again for your time and expertise in Cape Town. I managed to notch up about 170 species in all - not bad for a business trip...17 'firsts'..."