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Hi Brian,

Hope this e-mail finds you well. Herewith my trip report that I have also posted on other Birding sights, thanks for all your efforts, it was a great trip.

Kind regards

An idea to visit Cape Town and get to grips with some Cape endemics during a week’s hard birding was hatched last year between me and my brother Lee.

With only a week in the field we decided to maximise our time by utilising the services of a local bird guide.

After some net research we decided on Brian Vanderwalt. The decision to use Brian was down to the fact that he catered for individual birders.

As it transpired I don’t think we could have picked a better bird guide.

Brian’s birding skills proved to be exceptional.

He knows all the bird calls and how to replicate them to elicit a response, where to look for the more elusive species, and most importantly his identification skills are second to none.

He also put the time in, always going the extra mile, quite literally, to get us the birds.

During the preparation period we e-mailed Brian a suggested itinerary and an indication as to what we were after.

Brian came back with a revised itinerary that suited our needs and also organised accommodation and a Pelagic for us.

I cannot recommend Brian highly enough.

Steve Baines

21-28 September 2009

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